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    First of all I would just like to mention what a great idea and concept this is. However thought of this is a genius.

    The Biltong Company I would like to share is KLEIN MERINO BILTONG in Bellville.

    If I’m going to say that the biltong is amazing, well that would be just cliche.
    What really makes them stand out is;
    The biltong looks good on the eye and is cut from only A-grade beef.
    The taste goes right thought the meat, isn’t just on the outside.
    The biltong is made in a factory in Beaufort West, called Goldfinger(Who’s been making biltong since 2000), in the heart of the karoo, which gives it that unique flavour.
    The droewors is made from only A grade trimmings with a natural sheep casing, not that synthetic stuff.
    What makes the droewors really special is they use only one sort of fat, that certain sheep’s tail fat which doesn’t stick to your palate.

    The prices is really exceptional too, if you consider the quality that goes in.
    Biltong is R200p/kg and droewors is R185p/kg.

    They sell other meat there as well, your karoo lamb etc, delivered every week.

    Everybody will say the staff is friendly, but I can add, the staff is also from the karoo, so you get that plattelandse and boere feel to it.

    Again I can only thank you for this opportunity, your doing something good!

    JJ Ellis

    1. Thank you so much, JJ Elliot, for your compliments and for your great review.

      Have a great 2016!

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