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  1. 5.0

    The owners are true Professional’s, the service is fantastic and friendly, the staff courteous, the cuts of meat exceptional, the marinaded meats a delicacy. I will always recommend this butcher. They are in my opinion a gem in world of large supermarkets and unfriendly, robotic service.

  2. 4.0

    The droewors at Craighall Meat Centre is amazing. It not too wet and not too dry, it’s perfect.

  3. 4.0

    My favourite biltong shops in Jhb are:
    1. Meat on Grant (Norwood)
    2. Craighall Butcher (Jan Smuts)
    3. Blairgowrie Spar
    4. Cyreldine Meat Market (Queens Street)

    There was a great butcher in Emmarentia that moved: Komati – they are still around somewhere in Jozi.

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