Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding Biltong Easy

One of the joys of the 21st century is that local and global are coming together. You can use Biltong Culture to find people’s favourite biltong places anywhere in South Africa with a few mouse clicks. You don’t have to rely on the experiences of a few friends, but you can find hundreds of testimonies instantly. That is what we call finding quality biltong in your area made easy.

Joyful South African

In a day and age where there is a lot of negative publicity about South Africa, our biltong culture is still a reason to be proud of. Biltong brings people from all ages, genders, races and classes together. South Africa is a great country and we can be proud of our culture.

More Than a Directory

Biltong Culture wants to be more than just another online directory. It is our aim to build a culture. Besides the company listings on our website, can expect from us relevant blogs that inform you about great food, events, trends and biltong recipes.

Pushing Forward

Khomba Business Networking is a company with a vision. Started by a few young professionals, it is our aim to create products that are relevant and helpful for all South Africans. This is reflected in our name Khomba, which means ‘pointing to’, but which is used as a synonym for using local taxis as well. Khomba wants to adapt this mentality of togetherness, while we point to and work towards greater opportunities as well.

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