Recently we run a very successful competition, whereby users could submit their favourite biltong stores in South Africa. We have received more than hundred suggestions and a lot of very positive feedback about our website. We have added many biltong stores from over the whole of South Africa (and even from abroad).

Most biltong stores that we have added, are from the three big cities Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria. And even from much smaller cities. But surprisingly enough, we haven’t¬†received a lot of stores from the north of the country. We have zero stores from the following cities on our website:¬†Kimberley, De Aar, Polokwane or Nelspruit. How come, we wonder? Are there no biltong stores in these cities? Or did we just have bad luck?

If you know of any great biltong stores in the cities mentioned above, please help us to find them by either leaving your comment below or by filling in the Suggest a biltong company.

You can find our analyse here

City or Town No. of stores Link
Johannesburg 15 Biltong in Johannesburg
Cape Town 9 Biltong in Cape Town
Pretoria 8 Biltong in Pretoria
Port Elizabeth 8 Biltong in Port Elizabeth
Roodepoort 5 Biltong in Roodepoort
Kempton Park 5 Biltong in Kempton Park
Durban 4 Biltong in Durban
East London 3 Biltong in East London
Witbank 1 Biltong in Witbank
Bloemfontein 1 Biltong in Bloemfontein
Pietermaritzburg 1 Biltong in Pietermaritzburg
Vereeniging 1 Biltong in Vereeniging
Nelspruit 0 Biltong in Nelspruit
Polokwane 0 Biltong in Polokwane
Kimberly 0 Biltong in Kimberly
De Aar 0 Biltong in De Aar

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